What are your session rates?

In general, our recording rates run $40/hour for tracking, mixing, and mastering with a two-hour minimum ($80).

Do you offer discounts for multiple sessions or long-term projects?

Yes! Call or e-mail us for details.

I just need one hour to quickly lay down a part. Do I have to book a whole two-hour block?

Most of the time, yes. Every session requires a certain amount of studio "prep time" before and after. During that time, we archive clients' data, tear down the mics and cables and set up for the next session, clean the kitchen and restroom, prepare invoices and receipts, etc. Booking two-hour blocks helps ensure that the studio and staff are always ready for the next session (including yours!). It also protects us from running out of time and having to delay the next session or cutting your session off in the middle of a crucial moment.

What times are available for my sessions?

We book sessions Tuesday through Saturday, with flexible hours. Simply contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate your schedule!

How long does it take to mix a song?

Again, the answer to that question varies depending on the type of song. Some simple tunes with just a couple of instruments take only an hour or so, while more complex mixes (a full rock band with overdubbed solos, harmonies, and percussion, for example) can take 3-4 hours per song.  In general, classical and jazz projects are recorded live and tend to take less time to mix compared to pop, rock, and hip hop tracks.

What is your payment policy?

We require a 50% per session deposit. Your session is not considered booked until your deposit has been received! For your convenience, we accept cash, all major credit cards, and PayPal.

What if I need to reschedule my session?

If you need to reschedule, we ask that you contact us no later than 48 hours before your scheduled session date. If you give less than 48 hours notice, you forfeit your deposit.  If you give more than 48 hours notice, we will be happy to reschedule at a mutually-convenient time or refund your deposit.

How many tracks can you record?

We can record up to 24 separate tracks (mics, instruments, etc.) simultaneously, with almost no limit to the final number of tracks in a given song. In practical terms, we have recorded songs with up to 72 different tracks with absolutely no problem.

What is "mastering" anyway?

Mastering is the final step in preparing a project for manufacturing and distribution. Mastering means taking the stereo mix-downs of your songs and then making adjustments (usually with compression, EQ, limiting, etc.) so that they have a consistent volume and sound across your whole album or EP.

Do you make beats?

We do not make beats at this time, though we hope to add that service soon.

Can you hire session musicians for me?

Yes! We have a long and distinguished list of excellent studio musicians available. All are professional players with years of recording and performing experience. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss their dates and availabilities.

Can I bring my child, spouse, dog, chinchilla, etc. to my session?

Well-behaved spouses, children, and friends are always welcome. Animals other than registered service animals are not permitted, however.