Corporate & Non-Profit


Audiobooks, Podcasts, Poetry, etc.

American Bombshell (rock)

American Cabaret Theatre (musical theater)

American Pianists Association (jazz)

Ascending (classical)

Black Cat Rebellion (rock)

Cathy Morris (jazz)

Classical Music Indy (classical)

Dance Connection, Inc. (various)

Frank Felice (classical)

Grant McClintock (singer-songwriter)

Indianapolis Children’s Choir (various)

Indianapolis Early Music Festival (classical)

Jason Webley (singer-songwriter)

Katie Pederson (singer-songwriter)

Mad Scientists Club (rock, fusion)

Martine Locke (singer-songwriter)

Michigan Street Blues Band (blues)

Mitzi Westra (classical)

Melissa Schott (musical theatre)

New World Youth Symphonies

Patchwork (bluegrass/folk)

Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band (blues)

September Sky (rock)

Sister Sinjin (folk)

Stuart Poe (singer-songwriter)

Taint’d (rock)

The Gates of Slumber (rock)

The Indianapolis Quartet (classical)

The Weepies (folk-rock)

Tobacco Jones (singer-songwriter)

Chi Sherman (poetry, spoken word)

Classical Pairings (podcast)

For Good (podcast)

Jason Ammerman (poetry)

John Sherman (poetry, spoken word)

Roadtrip to Wellness (podcast)

Robert Rebein, Headlights on the Prairie (audiobook)

Sarah Layden, Trip Through Your Wires (audiobook)

Greenfield Community School Corp.

Indianapolis Public Schools

Indiana University

Purdue University

Westfield High School

Central Indiana Community Foundation

ChopSaver Lip Balm

Eiteljorg Museum

Medical Animatics

Playing for Change

Reville Guitars

Storytelling Arts of Indiana


Just a few of the artists and organizations we’ve worked with include...